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Quotes from Freddie’s Heroes

Quotes from Freddie’s HeroesThe Red Skelton Hour (aka. How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down in The Dump?) – Freddie the Freeloader, Colonel Hogan (Robert Crane) and Sergeant Schultz (John Banner) of Hogan’s Heroes


Freddie the Freeloader: My family’s from England, you know.
Cpl. Reginald Plotz: Oh really? Were they from London on the Thames?
Freddie the Freeloader: No, we were on the lam.

French Soldier: I am with the French underground!
Freddie the Freeloader: Looks like you’ve been underground a long time, buddy.

Colonel Brady: Colonel Brady here. Your rank?
Freddie the Freeloader: Well, your no bed of roses yourself.

Colonel Brady: How would you like to do something for your country?
Freddie the Freeloader: I thought I did when I left it!

French Girl: For protecting my country, I want to show you that my heart is in the right place.
Freddie the Freeloader: Well, everything else is…

Schultz: I might have been your enemy during the war, but I gave up my fatherland for you!
Freddie the Freeloader: [looking at his stomach] Gave it up? It looks like you swallowed it!
Hogan: Let’s not be bitter about Schultz’s homeland.
Freddie the Freeloader: Oh, no.
Hogan: After all, any country that has given us both the Volkswagen and Marlene Dietrich can’t be all bad.
Schultz. Not to mention German Measles.
Freddie the Freeloader: Don’t forget Bridget Bardot.
Hogan: Bridget Bardot’s isn’t German …?
Freddie the Freeloader: I know! I just don’t want to forget her!

Freddie the Freeloader: Oh, your little feathered friends, once they know you’re kind to them, they always find you. You can’t hide from ’em — they’ll spot you.

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