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Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day

Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day – It’s sad, but true — the sitting president of the USA literally lies blatantly, on a daily basis. And sometimes they’re unintentionally hilarious!

Truly sad. Not only a #lieoftheday but sad that his family lets him go out and humiliate himself like this.

Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day – projection – May 8, 2023

Which is a bold faced, partisan lie. The bill #JoeBiden refers to does not cut Social Security, Medicare, nor veterans’ benefits.

KJP – a strong wind would knock over a border wall? May 8, 2023

Since Karine Jean Pierre is Biden’s spokesperson, we’ll be listing her whoppers as well.

KJP – the only country in the world that has to deal with gun violence? May 8 2023

Which is a blatant lie. The USA is 11th worldwide – https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/mass-shootings-by-country

My economy’s better than Trump’s? May 6, 2023

Which really doesn’t need refutation. 75,000 of last month’s “new jobs” were people getting a second job, to simply make ends meet. Sky high inflation, shortages, etc. Literally: who are you going to believe, a career politician or your lying eyes?

Hunter did nothing wrong? May 5, 2023

Unless you count illegally buying crack cocaine, hiring prostitutes, lying on a federal gun form …. That’s not even touching the millions of dollars of foreign money.

Redefining “major press conference” – May 5, 2023

And the “major press conference” was an interview with MSNBC.

Taking the border very seriously? May 4, 2023

Some lies require no further comment.

Reducing illegal immigration by 90%? May 1, 2023


Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day – April 26, 2023 – Grandpop died 2 weeks earlier a year later?

BIDEN: “My grandpop…died in the same hospital I was born in two weeks before I was born” Except Biden’s “grandpop” died in Baltimore, MD, in September 1941 — and Biden wasn’t born until November 1942 in Scranton, PA.

Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day – April 20, 2023 – Pro-Union?


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