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Funny movie quotes from Perfect Day

Funny movie quotes from Perfect Day (1929) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy

It’s a Perfect Day for a picnic, and the Laurels and the Hardys are planning on a Sunday outing, with grumpy Uncle Edgar. But anything that can go wrong will …. It’s a hilarious, fast-paced comedy that snowballs down the hill …

Uncle Edgar Kennedy: [gestures to gouted foot] I got a picnic of my own right here.
[taps it with his cane]
Mrs. Laurel: Now listen, Uncle Edgar, you’re going to come with us. Here’s your hat and coat. You get ’em on!

Oliver: Hold that while I get a chair. [Takes tray from Stan] No, you get the chair.[Stan says nothing] And don’t talk back!

Oliver: [to Stan] Why don’t you do something to help me? 

Mrs. Laurel: Oh, boys! Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, now stop this.
Oliver: Well it was his fault.

Mrs. Laurel: [breaking up a fight between Stan and Ollie] Boys, boys, now remember, this is the Sabbath. A day of peace. Now, now, now, don’t let this spoil our day. Accidents will happen. Forgive and forget.
Oliver: [They think about it, then look at each other and start giggling] No more arguments from now on.
Stan: No more arguments.
Oliver: That’s right.
Stan: Isn’t that silly?

Oliver: [the car won’t start; Stan fiddles with levers] Take your hands off! And get out.
[the wives protest]
Oliver: Oh SHUT UP!

Stan: We’re going now.
Mrs. Hardy: I hope so.

Oliver: Why don’t you do something to help me?
Stan: What can I do?
Oliver: Throw out the clutch!
[Stan removes mechanism and jettisons it]

[repeated lines]
Stan: Goodbye!
Oliver: Goodbye!
Mrs. Laurel: Goodbye!
Mrs. Hardy: Goodbye!

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