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Funny movie quotes from Three Little Words

Funny movie quotes from Three Little Words – a funny, musical biography of the song writers Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire) and Harry Ruby (Red Skelton)

Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): I wouldn’t write that song with you if you begged me.
Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): Begged ya? I didn’t even ask ya.
Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): I guess you just can’t help it, Harry. I feel sorry for you.
Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): Feel sorry for me? You must think I’m just a €…
Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): I could tell you what I think of you in just three little words. You’re a dope!

Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): I got plenty of tunes in me!

Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): I’ve got a great idea. An opening for the new act. I come out in one, see, I’m a magician.
Jessie Brown (Vera-Ellen): Oh, a magician.
Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Yeah! I’m in full dressed suit, medals on my chest, maybe a mustache and a little goatee.
Jessie Brown (Vera-Ellen): [sarcastically] Yes, I adore little goatees.

Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Hey, wait a minute. You’re not walking out on me, are you?
Jessie Brown (Vera-Ellen): Not yet.
Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): What’d you open the door for?
Jessie Brown (Vera-Ellen): Because I’m a nice girl, Mr. Kalmar. And a nice girl always leaves the door open.

Jessie Brown (Vera-Ellen): You want to be everything in show business all at once and I just want to be a wife.

Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Don’t fool around with that goose. He’s vicious!
Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): Well, they usually are.

Jessie Brown (Vera-Ellen): I’m not a girl who needs a new sable every winter.

Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): What are you gaping at?
Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): I’m not gaping.

Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Read a book sometime. It might improve your brain.

Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Look, it’s okay to admire my wife; but, would you mind taking your elbow out of my butter.

Terry Lordel (Gale Robbins): Snooky rehearsed me in it.
Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Snooky?
Terry Lordel (Gale Robbins): Snooky! This is Snooky.
Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Hi ya, Snooky!
Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): Aw, she calls me Snooky.
Terry Lordel (Gale Robbins): Isn’t he sweet. Aw, I could eat him up! Rrrrrr!

Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): What do you think of her?
Jessie Brown Kalmar (Vera-Ellen): Well, she’s – very peppy, isn’t she.
Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): Yeah, she’s got a lot of life.

Harry Ruby (Red Skelton): Look, Bert, you’re not going to let this thing lick you, are you? Cause if you do, it’s gonna lick me too.

Jessie Brown Kalmar (Vera-Ellen): I still think Harry’s in love.
Bert Kalmar (Fred Astaire): Don’t be silly. Just because a fella writes a romantic tune that doesn’t mean he has to be Beethoven.

Charlie Kope (Keenan Wynn): You know, you’ve got a friend and you’ve got a friend and that’s what I like to see: friends.

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