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Funny movie quotes from Lovely to Look At

Funny movie quotes from Lovely to Look At – a funny musical starring Howard Keel, Red Skelton, Ann Miller, …

Lovely to Look At is a combination romance, musical, comedy, and fashion show — no, really.   It’s the story of three Americans (Al Marsh played by Red Skelton, Tony Naylor played by Howard Keel, Jerry Ralby played by Gower Champion). They’re looking for financial backers for the Broadway show they want to put on … unsuccessfully.   They are out of options, when Al’s Aunt Roberta dies. She left him with partial ownership of a fashionable Paris dress shop

[Trying to sell their show to backers in New York]
Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): We’re trying to finance our show. I’d like to take you folks in as partners. Now, please don’t rush but who’d like to be the first to write a check?
Jerry Ralby (Gower Champion): Of course, we’ve just given you the highlights.
Al Marsh (Red Skelton): And we got some terrific lowlights. Like the part when I play a 36 inch man dropped from a flying saucer, I zoom through the…
Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): It’s dynamite!

Al Marsh (Red Skelton): I’m sorry. Always opening my big mouth. I was better off before I learned how to talk!

[Opening a letter]
Al Marsh (Red Skelton): Hey, look, this came all the way from Paris. Who do I owe money to in France?

Jerry Ralby (Gower Champion): How do we get the dough to get over there to get the dough?

Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): No wonder business is bad. Women come to these places to be made alluring! Look at that sketch. It wouldn’t lure a sailor his first day off the boat!

Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): Paris isn’t bricks and steel and mortar. Paris is a beautiful woman! The perfect hostess. She dines you, wines you, entertains you. She sees to it that you meet someone wonderful. And then after you fall in love, she discreetly leaves you alone.

Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): She owns a small piece of our piece of your piece.

Max Fogelsby (Kurt Kasznar): Hey, duchess, care to wrestle a few choruses?
Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): Well, if you don’t mind, I…
Max Fogelsby (Kurt Kasznar): Why should I mind? I’m the one who asked you! Come on, let’s go!

Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): You’ve got a lot of nerve. What do you think I am? A bodyguard or something?
Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): But, Bubbles, baby…
Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): Don’t you baby Bubbles me!

Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): Don’t you see? The girl’s designing the dresses. The dresses will get us dough for the show. Looking after her means looking after your investment.
Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): I like her designs; but, I’m not so sure about yours!

Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): Now, look, don’t you think I should take her home, make sure she gets there?
Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): Let Al take her home! He’s in the taxi, waiting for her.
Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): He’s in no shape to be trusted.
Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): I see, so Al’s gonna take me home?
Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): Nah, I wouldn’t let him. You’re gonna take him home.
Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): I got a better I idea. I’ll take her home and you take him home.
Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): That is a good idea. We’ll try it next time.

Clarisse (Marge Champion): It takes a girl years to develop a reserved personality and develop a few complexes and what happens? She goes out and meets a man and has a few dances and a few drinks and all those years of work are just right out the window!

Jerry Ralby (Gower Champion): You’re a very good dancer; but, you have no idea what dancing really means.
Clarisse (Marge Champion): I do to! I’ve looked it up. Dancing is moving parts of or your entire body to rhythm to express an action or a – emotion.
Jerry Ralby (Gower Champion): And that’s all?
Clarisse (Marge Champion): Is there more?
Jerry Ralby (Gower Champion): There are many things about dancing you won’t find in a dictionary.

Jerry Ralby (Gower Champion): To me, dancing is the loveliest way I know to meet a girl. It’s the only way I can hold a girl in my arms in a crowded room and still have her all to myself.

Jerry Ralby (Gower Champion): Dancing is the whistle stop before romance.

Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): When I gain weight, I worry about my figure. And when I worry about my figure, I got no time to worry about other things.
Al Marsh (Red Skelton): Oh, I get it. the more calories, the less memories.

Red Skelton doing the Irish Tenor routine in "Lovely to Look At"

Al Marsh (Red Skelton): It’s hard to read, the writin’ is so close to the paper.

Al Marsh (Red Skelton): I can read readin’; but, I can’t read writin’. This writin’ is wrote rotten, believe me.

Al Marsh (Red Skelton): How many choruses are there to this thing anyway?
Tony Naylor (Howard Keel): Seventy-six.
Al Marsh (Red Skelton): Oh, that’s the spirit!

Ann Miller as Bubbles, singing and dancing in "Lovely to Look At"

Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): Listen, let me tell you something about Tony. Believe me, I’ve done a lot of research about the subject. He’s what we call in America, quote, a fellow with a drive, unquote. Which is just another name for being selfish, thoughtless, egotistical, self-centered, and inconsiderate!

Bubbles Cassidy (Ann Miller): I think he loves you a great deal, but, not as much as he loves himself. He’s your competition, not me.

Max Fogelsby (Kurt Kasznar): They’ve got the material but no showman. I’ve got the showman but no material.

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