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United States Marine Corps

The marine and the atheist professor

The marine and the atheist professor – Why doesn’t God answer the atheist professor’s challenge? The marine explains!

A young Marine had just served his country and decided to go back to college.  He was taking a hard class taught by a proclaimed atheist.

After almost a semester of religious intolerance, the Marine wasn’t surprised at all when the teacher stood on a box and said “God, if you exist, knock me off this box.  I’ll give you fifteen minutes.”

Fourteen minutes went by, and the teacher said: “I’m waiting!”

The Marine got out of his desk, knocked the teacher in the head with the book.

“What was that for?” the professor asked when he came to.

The Marine replied innocently, “God’s busy protecting our soldiers who are protecting your rights to act like an idiot, so he sent me.”

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