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The Dog Ate My Homework

The dog ate my homework — and far more imaginative excuses for missing homework

  • My dog has mistaken my homework for that GOSH darn newspaper.
  • My sister ate it…
  • I got mugged on the way to school and they took my Bag with the homework in it.
  • My baby brother threw up on my home work.
  • My mom put my homework in the washer.
  • Sorry I was late; the bell rang before I got here.
  • Mom ate it, she’s heavily pregnant and having very odd cravings.
  • I’m sorry, but I can’t turn in my homework because my cat threw up on it. Wanna see?
  • I ate my homework, because I didn’t have any ice cream, but it had all the answers on it, so it made me smarter.
  • I spilled lemonade on my homework and its drying on the radiator at home.
  • I could not do my homework as my house burnt down, but I managed to save everything except my homework.
  • I swear I did my homework, but I was abducted by aliens, and they kept it.
  • I was walking to school when a monkey jumped on my leg, crawled up my back and pulled the homework out of my bag. I think it was a mutated monkey.
  • I was so busy last night, I forgot my homework.
  • Sorry Teacher, My dog ate my homework, then my science project ate my dog.
  • I made my homework into a paper plane, and it was highjacked by some bullies.
  • On the way to school, I was feeding the ducks, and my homework fell in the water.
  • I did my homework, but I just forgot to write it down!

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