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Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day July 2023

Joe Biden’s Lie of the Day July 2023– It’s sad, but true — the sitting president of the USA literally lies blatantly, on a daily basis. And sometimes they’re unintentionally hilarious!

Sadly, updated daily.

Cut the National Debt by $1.7 Trillion? July 28, 2023

[Editor’s note: blatantly false – see below]

U.S. National Debt

US National Debt

Biden administration cured cancer?!?July 25, 2023

Biden: “I said I’d cure cancer they looked at me like, why cancer? Because we can. We ended cancer as we know it.”

[Editor’s note: This is terribly painful to anyone with a loved one who’s died from cancer. Shame on whomever’s letting him do this.]

Broken arm vs. mental breakdown?!? July 25, 2023

BIDEN: “I don’t know what the difference between breaking your arm and having a mental breakdown is”

Slavery was beneficial?!? July 20, 2023

Our economy is stronger? July 17, 2023

“Karine Jean-Pierre: “Everything that you are seeing with our economy being stronger, wages going up … is because of Bidenomics!”
Prices are up 16.6% and real wages are down 3% since Biden took office.”

Editor’s note: Anybody actually living in the USA knows that prices are up, and wages are down, from first-hand, practical experience. So, who is she trying to convince?

Real wages are DOWN, not up – July 16, 2023

Repeating the job creation lie – July 11

Affirmative action is a Constitutional right? July 8

“Affirmative action – taking away, taking away important Constitutional rights that have been in place for a long time …”

Editor’s note: There is no Constitutional right to “affirmative action” – race based or otherwise. Open challenge: Can KJP show where, in the U.S. Constitution, this right is found? If so, we’ll gladly update this.

July 7 – Biden lowered the deficit?!?

Biden, in his creepy whisper, once again repeats the debunked lie that he “lowered the deficit $1.7 trillion in the first two years.” The Washington Post gave him a “Bottomless Pinocchio” for that lie.

July 7 – Bidenomics lowers costs for families?

Karine Jean-Pierre says “lowering costs for American families” is “really a big part of what ‘Bidenomics’ is.” Americans have lost, on average, more than $10,000 paying increased costs of living since Biden took office.

July 7 – More jobs added than ever before?

More jobs added in two and a half years than any president has ever created in a four-year term. And more reasons Bidenomics is working.

Editor’s Note:90% of new jobs added during Biden’s term (to date) are attributed to post-pandemic return to work. Before the pandemic (February 2020) 158 million people were employed. As of May 2023, 160 million people were employed. A net gain of 2 million jobs over 38 months, or 55,000 per month on average. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not to mention that many of those jobs are people working 2nd and 3rd jobs to make ends meet, courtesy of #Bidenomics

When alibis conflict with fact – July 7, 2023

“The Biden family was not here. They were not here. They were at Camp David. They were not here Friday. They were not here Saturday. They were not here Sunday. They were not even here Monday. They came back on Tuesday. 

So to ask that question is incredibly irresponsible.”


Karine Jean-Pierre just said the Bidens were not at the White House on Friday when the cocaine was found. According to the White House pool report from Friday, all of them including Hunter were in fact there.

July 6 – driving through the Hudson Tunnel at 100 mph?!?

Biden, in South Carolina, says “you’ll be able to go through [the Hudson Tunnel] 100 mph instead of 30 mph” because of him

July 6 – pay for low wage workers has grown?

BIDEN: “The pay for low wage workers has grown at the fastest pace in two decades.” FACT: Real weekly wages have fallen every single month since Biden passed his $1.7 trillion “stimulus.”

July 5 – Joe Biden has how many grandchildren?

White House reporter brings up an NY Times article on Hunter Biden’s daughter in Arkansas and asks if the president acknowledges the little girl as his granddaughter. KARINE: “I don’t have anything to share from here.”

Editor’s Note: Joe Biden has SEVEN grandchildren. He refuses to acknowledge the existence of Navy, Hunter’s illegitimate daughter.

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