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Understanding What a Woman Means

Understanding What a Woman Means – As any man who has been married can tell you (and a good many boyfriends *think* they know), there is a vast gulf between what your wife *says* and what she *means* — this handy guide will help you know which is which!

  • We need really means I want
  • You want really means You need
  • It’€™s your decision really means The correct decision should be obvious by now ‘€” fail to make it and you will pay.
  • We need to talk really means I need to complain
  • Do what you want really means You’€™ll pay for this later.
  • You’€™re … so manly really means You need a shave and you sweat a lot.
  • Sure’€¦ go ahead really means I don’€™t want you to.
  • I’€™m not upset really means Of course I’€™m upset, you moron!
  • I’€™m not emotional! And I’€™m not overreacting! really means I’€™m on my period.
  • This kitchen is so inconvenient really means I want a new house.
  • You have to learn to communicate. really means Just agree with me.
  • Yes really means No
  • No really means No
  • Maybe really means No
  • I heard a noise really means I noticed you were almost asleep.
  • Do you love me? really means I’€™m going to ask for something expensive.
  • How much do you love me? really means I did something you’€™re not going to like.
  • I’€™ll be ready in a minute. really means Be patient I’€™ll be a while.
  • Am I a little fat? really means Tell me I’€™m beautiful.
  • I’€™m sorry.really means You’€™ll be sorry.
  • Do you like this recipe? really means It’€™s easy to fix, so get used to it.
  • Was that the baby? really means Why don’€™t you wake up and deal with the baby.
  • I’€™m not yelling! really means Yes I am yelling because I think this is important.
  • All we’€™re going to buy is a soap dish really means Major shopping trip.  Did you bring your checkbook?


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