Funny movie quotes from My Friend Irma Goes West

Funny movie quotes from My Friend Irma Goes West

My Friend Irma Goes West is Martin & Lewis’ second film, with the cast from the then-popular “My Friend Irma” radio show

Al (John Lund): It’s a deal, but you got to understand. Miss Yvonne, this has to be a secret between us. As you French say…
[giving her a nudge]
Al (John Lund): …”entrepeneur.”

Jane Stacy (Diana Lynn): Irma, are you keeping something from me that I should know?
Irma Peterson (Marie Wilson): Jane, you can beat me, you can torture me, you can rack me on the wheel, you can quarter me into six and a half pieces, but you’ll never find out from me that Yvonne, the French actress, is responsible for Steve singing at the Lucky Dollar Club.

Seymour (Jerry Lewis): Hear, hear! I hear there’s a call for able-bodied men.
Sheriff: Yeah! Do you know one?
Seymour (Jerry Lewis): I know me! I’m able! I’m a man, and despite what you think, this is a body!
[the crowd in the station laughs]
Sheriff: Sorry, son, I can’t take you without your mother’s permission.

Slim: [to Pete about Irma] Don’t shoot her in the head. The bullet’ll never go through.

Irma Peterson (Marie Wilson): I miss my mother and father. They were just like parents to me.

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