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Labor Day and the elevator

Labor Day and the elevator – A cute twist on a classic old joke – enjoy!

The week before Labor Day, a poor country farmer named Eli won $480,000 in the Lottery.  As a treat, he took his wife and their four children to see the Labor Day parade in New York.

They booked into the Sheraton International hotel at the corner of Park Circle and Central Park North.  Having never been further than their local town, they were bowled over by the glitz and excitement of the “Big Apple”.

Eli and his son Clem were especially mesmerized by a shiny box with silver walls. They had never before met with doors that could move apart, and then automatically come back together again.  Neither had seen an elevator before. They were amazed when a little old lady entered the shiny box and the door closed. The lights outside on the wall flashed for a minute, then the doors opened and out came a beautiful young woman.

Eli turned to his son Clem and said, “Son, go get your mother.”


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