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Funny movie quotes from The Iron Petticoat

Funny movie quotes from The Iron Petticoat, starring Bob Hope and Katherine Hepburn

Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): I lost my temper!
Colonel Tarbell: At the communists?
Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): No, at the male sex!

Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): A good Communist has no subconscious!
Colonel Tarbell: That may very well be what’s wrong with them!

Colonel Tarbell: What do you think of her?
Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): Well, women in uniform bother me. I don’t know whether to kiss em’ or salute em’!

Colonel Tarbell: It doesn’t hurt to tantalize em’.
Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): Tantalize an heiress? That’s like not opening your parachute!

Romancing the major

Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): [holding out a bottle of whiskey] I tried to get vodka, but they were out.
Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): Yes, I heard you Americans were on short rations.

Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): I should think they would send a taller man.
Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): [looks down] Well, maybe I’ll grow on you!
Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): You have an odd face.
Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): It came with the body. It’s a set!

Bartender: What’s your strategy, Captain?
Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): Right now, I’m torn between suicide and desertion!

[Chuck tells Vinka how he plans to talk Colonel Tarbell into letting Vinka go to London]
Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): Do you think the Colonel would be fooled by such a ridiculous statement?
Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): If he’ll eat Army food, he’ll swallow anything!

Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): It’s too dangerous!
Major Chuck Lockwood (Bob Hope): Marriage?
Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn): Moscow! We’re going to live in Indianapolis, Indiana

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