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Lou Costello goes alligator hunting

Lou Costello goes alligator hunting – with his brother-in-law

Lou Costello goes alligator hunting – from the Abbott and Costello Show episode, The Vacation.

Lou Costello: My brother-in-law and I, we was in Africa, and he was hunting alligators. He used to love to wrestle alligators. All of a sudden, he spotted this man-eating alligator. The man-eating alligator was crawling on all fours. My brother-in-law says, “Here’s a spot for a wrestling match”. So he got on all fours. And they got closer and closer to each other, all of a sudden they were facing each other face-to-face, eye-to-eye-, nose-to-nose, mouth-to-mouth. The alligator opened up his mouth wide …. He was so set to nip off my brother-in-law’s head! I picked up my trusty rifle, put it on my shoulder like this, I went “bang-bang”! Got him right between the eyes.

Sporty Fields: And what happened?

Lou Costello: What happened? What happened? See that belt?

Bud Abbott: Genuine alligator?

Lou Costello: Genuine brother-in-law.

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