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20 Questions You’re Not Supposed To Ask

20 Questions You’re Not Supposed To Ask In America Today, courtesy of reddit user Clatsop

  1. If Islam is really a religion of peace, as opposed to a particularly violent religion, then why do so many people and organizations across the world refuse to show Muhammad cartoons out of fear that they’ll be murdered by devout Muslims for doing it?
  2. If illegal immigrants are supposed to help our economy, then why weren’t they helping the economies of the poor nations they fled?
  3. Given that Hillary Clinton’s nearly accomplishment-free political career has been based on riding the coattails of a serial adulterer who has humiliated and cheated on her over and over, isn’t Hillary Clinton a terrible role model for young women?
  4. If Barack Obama can directly contradict the laws on the books by refusing to deport millions of illegal aliens because of ‘prosecutorial discretion,’ couldn’t a Republican President use the same precedent and refuse to prosecute people who ‘dont pay a capital gains tax or who violate EPA rules?
  5. Wouldn’t it be just as stupid to send teenage Boy Scouts into the woods alone with gay men as it would to send teenage Girl Scouts into the woods alone with heterosexual men?
  6. If Nazis (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) were supposed to be Right Wing, then why did they proclaim themselves to be enemies of capitalism, implement socialist policies and call themselves socialists?
  7. Why should we take the threat of climate change seriously enough to cut back our lifestyles when even Al Gore, the foremost promoter of global warming hysteria, lives in a mansion, flies on private jets and rides around in SUVs?
  8. What’s the difference between say, the KKK and the NAACP, LA Raza, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam other than the color of their skin, the skin color of the people they hate and their level of societal acceptance?
  9. If we’re not willing to ask middle-class Americans to at least pay in taxes what services provided to them from the government cost, then isn’t it time to start paring back the services the government offers until we get to a level of government that everyone but the poor is willing and able to pay for?
  10. If transsexuals are just mentally ill and need treatment, not trapped in the wrong body, then isn’t encouraging them to mutilate themselves via surgery instead of getting psychological treatment extremely harmful to them?
  11. If ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has nothing to do with Islam, then why does it have ‘Islamic’ in its name?
  12. Since women are now 33% more likely to earn college degrees than men, is it time to radically shift our education system in the name of equality so as to better educate men?
  13. If cities like Detroit and Baltimore have been run by liberals for decades, then aren’t Democrats fully responsible for the problems those cities have?
  14. Isn’t it racist to argue that black Americans are so uniquely stupid and incompetent that they can’t even manage to get a government ID to vote?
  15. If a man works more hours than a woman, takes off less time to be with his children and does more unpleasant, difficult jobs, shouldn’t he make more money than she does?
  16. Isn’t a media personality — with a platform that gets him out to large numbers of people — who falsely accuses someone of racism doing much more damage to society and promoting more hatred than some hick or frat boy who hates black people because of the color of their skin?
  17. If Barack Obama can make large changes to Obamacare without the approval of Congress, then couldn’t a Republican President use the same precedent to gut Obamacare regardless of what Congress has to say about it?
  18. If gay marriage is a violation of the ‘equal protection’ clause of the Constitution, how did that ‘right’ lie undiscovered since 1868, a span of almost 150 years?
  19. If gun-free zones are effective and border fences are ineffective, why is the border of the White House surrounded by a huge fence guarded by lots of Secret Service agents with guns?
  20. If black Americans commit 49.3% of all murders and account for 51.5% of all violent crime among juveniles, yet there are almost two white Americans killed by the police for every black American (2,151 vs. 1130 over 12 years), then aren’t black Americans actually less likely to be killed by police than you’d expect given the crime statistics?

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