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Funny movie quotes from The Emperor’s New Clothes

Funny quotes from the movie ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, a children’s film that adults will enjoy watching, largely due to the comedic talent of Sid Caesar, best know from the TV series ‘Your Show of Shows’

Funny Movie Quotes from The Emperor’€™s New Clothes starring Sid Caesar

The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: [the Emperor doesn’€™t want to be overdressed] I don’€™t want to blind them, I just want them to blink a little.

Prime Minister (Clive Revill): The people are clamoring for you, Your Majesty.
The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: They’€™re not clamoring very loud.
Prime Minister (Clive Revill): But they’€™re our best clamorers!
The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: Tell them I want more clamoring. I want more clamor!

The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: Why does everyone argue with me? I’€™m the Emperor!

Prime Minister (Clive Revill): [Prince Nino is no match for Princess Gilda] The marriage contract has already been agreed.
The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: They better have a lotta money. And I mean, a lotta money!
Prime Minister (Clive Revill): Unfortunately, they have.
The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: No, I mean a LOTTA money! And I wanna count it!

The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: [the tailors use strange measurements] Duke, you realize I have bigger whoopets than the Maharajah?
Duke (Julian Chagrin): Oh, congratulations, Your Majesty.
The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: Thank you. I wonder what they are. I hope it’€™s nice.

Duke (Julian Chagrin): I can’€™t see a thing. I AM unfit for my office. My wife was absolutely right!

The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: It’€™s diamond thread! Diamond makes a spectrum, and blue and red make …
Duke (Julian Chagrin): Uh … reddy-blue?
Prime Minister (Clive Revill): Uh … bluey-red?
The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: Blue and red make PURPLE!

The Emperor (Sid Caesar):: [the Prime Minister and the Duke admit their stupidity] But I, as Emperor, was overpoweringly stupid’€¦ I, as Emperor, was more stupid than you all, because I was responsible for all this stupidity!

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