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The dogs of Munich

The dogs of Munich –¬†An atrocious pun … and to think they made a musical out of this!

There’s a small German town near Munich called Pfilzerplatz, and the town is known around the world for producing the finest stationery and paper anywhere. You want wine, you go to France; you want big waves to surf, you go to southern California; you want good paper, you go to Pfilzerplatz.

Anyway, nearby Munich had a growing problem – the thousands of stray dogs in the city were breeding with one another and were beginning to overrun the city. So the higher-ups of Munich organized a new department to get rid of the dogs. Soon enough, they had chased all of the dogs out of the city. No one knew where they went – they just went away.

A couple of days after the dogs disappeared from Munich, they appeared in Pfilzerplatz. And because Pfilzerplatz is so much smaller than Munich, the town was soon totally overrun with the dogs. So the town’s mayor decided that the town should be evacuated.

Everyone left the town, thus shutting down the paper mills. Well, a couple of days later, the townsfolk were watching the town from the hills, and they saw smoke rising from the smokestacks at the paper mills. Knowing that there weren’t any humans left in the town, they knew it was the dogs running the factories. And so the mayor rushed off to Munich, found Munich’s mayor and¬†announced:

“You’ve got to help us! The mills are alive with the hounds of Munich!”

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