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Race horse from Playing the Ponies, starring the Three Stooges

The horse teaches at elementary school

The horse teaches at an elementary school

It’s a cute joke about horses and kids, with a pun as your reward!

On the first day of school, the elementary grade class found that their new teacher was a stallion.  He was a large creature, but he had a high-pitched voice, and the children thought that this was very funny.  He spent most of his day yelling and screaming for order, because the students wouldn’t behave for him.

Finally, the stallion lost his voice.  He brought a pony into the class to help him out.  The pony was small, but he had a deep, loud voice and commanded, “You kids pay attention or else you’ll all be in trouble!”

The kids quickly settled down and paid attention, which goes to prove the old saying: To get things done, you have to yell until you get a little horse.



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