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Twas the night before Christmas – clown version

poetry – ‘Twas the night before Christmas – a clown version

T’€™was the night before Christmas
and all through our towns
The birthday King has summoned His clowns

Clowns to bring joy in the midst of the night,
Clowns to share happiness for children’s delight.

With strange colored hair,
and size seventeen shoes,
with pants so baggy,
and red noses too.

Pockets stuffed with balloons
for bears, dogs, and sword;
Happy birthday we sing
with tricks to the Lord.

We juggle, we face paint
and make puppets dance
For love and perfection
we take every chance.

Christmas trees and mangers
Toys and clown cars
with slapstick and stickers
we follow the star

With gifts of treasure
wrapped is flash paper and a bowe,
the darkness gives way,
to a soft Christmas glow.

The parade passes by
and with our jokes, walkabout;
sadness and sickness
we now turn about.

For the Father has proclaimed
as we clowns come to play;
Merry Christmas to all
and my Son, … Happy Birthday.

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