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Last Minute Christmas Gift

Last Minute Christmas Gift

Sometimes, when we’re being cheapskates, we need someone just like this sales lady

It was Christmas Eve and Ron had still not bought anything for his wife for Christmas.  So, on his way home, he stopped at a large department store.

“I’ll just get her some nice perfume”, he thought, as he entered the store.  Walking up to the perfume counter, Ron said, “I’m looking for a nice perfume for my wife for Christmas.”

The cosmetics clerk said, “Certainly, we have several very fine perfumes.”  And she proceeded to show him a bottle of ‘Elegance’, $75 an ounce.

“That’s a bit out of my price range,” Ron said.

The clerk returned a moment later with another perfume, ‘Leave Him Wondering’, for only $35 an ounce.

“That’s still quite a lot,” he grumbled.

So the clerk brought out a bottle of ‘Smells Like Heaven’, only $20 an ounce.

At this, Ron grew a bit angry.  “Lady,” he exclaimed, “Can’t you show me something real cheap?”

In response, the clerk handed him a mirror.

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