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Frozen apple juice [pun alert]

So over the holiday, while visiting my mom, she asked me to run and pick up some groceries she had on her shopping list. So of course, I pack up my kids and we are off to the store. As I am perusing the juice aisle, my daughter squeals, “ELSA!!!!” Sure enough, there was Elsa, on the label of a bottle of apple juice. I thought, “Apple juice is on the list and it will make my daughter happy? Boom getting it!” Fast forward to putting groceries away at my mom’s house.

Mom: “Did you get everything on my list?”

Me: “Yes mom.”

Mom: as I am handing her the Elsa apple juice “Oh I wanted you to get the frozen apple juice”

Me: my face shifting from a look of irritation to a stupid-cheesy smirk “That IS Frozen apple juice…”

Mom: No, you misunderstood. It’s great that it has Elsa on it but I wanted the apple juice to be frozen, too.

Me: Thanks for clarifying. It actually is Frozen 2.

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