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Church Bulletin Bloopers

Church Bulletin Bloopers – Actual bloopers from church bulletins. All names have been changed to John or Jane Doe to protect the innocent.

  • For Father’s Day each father present was given a pine tree or apple tree seedling to be planted along with his children.
  • The Lord commanded Peter to Feed my sleep.
  • “Help blow up and decorate the church with balloons on Easter morning. Meet at 7:30 am to help. Won’t take long!”
  • Please be in prayer for Jim and Judy, their baby daughter was born 9 months premature.
  • The Women’s Missionary Union will meet the first yesterday in January.
  • Sunday we’ll have a special day to honor our youngsters for their schoolarship.
  • The Rev. Dr. John Doe, our featured speaker for the breakfast, also blessed and blessed and blessed and blessed the meal.
  • Women on Missions (WOMS) will meet Thursday at noon. Childhood will be provided in the nursery.
  • The scholarship committee is accepting applications for church members attending a Baptist affiliated college this fall. Applications and guidelines are available in the vestibule. The Appalachians should be submitted by July 1st.
  • We will vote on six new deacons next Sunday. The following ordained men have agreed to serve if elated.
  • Jane Doe, who attends the Singles class, shared with me that she is walking in the Multiple Sclerosis walk-a thong. Let’s support her effort. –Gaye
  • Dr. Doe was the featured speaker for the Seniors Group. He noted that you can often avoid those usual winter colds if you avoid fatigue, loss of sleep and over-creating.
  • The Pastor is a member of the Lions Club and co-chair of the county fair board this year. He urges everyone to attend and support this important community fundraising event and join him in working to have a successful affair.
  • You’re invited to join the Sunset Club, our church seniors group. Activities include community singing, dancing, dramatic efforts, and table games. The group is composed solely of participanting members.
  • Gams were enjoyed by the Young Marrieds Class at the home of John and Jane Doe.
  • Members of the Senior’s Breakfast Club stretched and strained Thursday morning as John Doe, local physical therapist, demonstrated several exercises during the club meeting. There will be no meeting next week.
  • Remember the annual spring cleaning of the Singles Ministry Building this Saturday. We need lots of singles to volunteer for the work crew. We have a long list of items to be cleaned. The widows need extra attention.

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