Help changing a flat tire

Help changing a flat tire – Does he really need *another* person to help change the car tire?

A kind-hearted motorist saw a man struggling to change his car tire alongside the highway, and pulled over to see if he could help. The man had a very red face, and a dark smear across it where he’d wiped off sweat with dirty hands. His tie was undone and his shirt collar askew, and it was clear he had also wiped his hands on his formerly-white shirt. Close to him stood an immaculately neat woman who was speaking in quick, agitated tones.

“Hello, there,” said the good Samaritan. “Say, I’ve changed a lot of tires. Maybe I can help here.”

“Yes, you sure can,” the man with the flat tire replied wearily. “My wife is an expert, too. If you will just do all the arguing with her about how this tire ought to be changed, I can concentrate on the dirty work and get the job done.”

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She don’t know a thing about cars …

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