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Quotes by women, about women

Quotes by women, about women

Funny, and thought-provoking, quotes by women on the fascinating topic of … women.

Women never have young souls. They’€™re born three thousand years old.
‘€”Shelagh Delaney

Only decent girls keep a diary.  The others don’€™t have the time.
‘€”Tallulah Bankhead

All things come to an end, except for women’€™s work and the agonies of Hell.
‘€”Swedish proverb

We are the women our men warned us against.
‘€”Robin Morgan

We women talk too much, nevertheless we only say half of what we know.
‘€”Nancy Astor

We are so vain that we even worry about what the people we don’€™t care about are thinking of us.
‘€”Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

If you want to have something said in politics, ask a man.
If you want something done, ask a woman.
‘€”Margaret Thatcher

To err is human, but it feels divine.
‘€”Mae West

As soon as a woman thinks sufficiently fast, one calls it intuition.
‘€”Barbro Alving

No matter what women do, they have to do it twice as well as men to be considered half as competent.  Luckily, that is not very difficult.
‘€”Charlotte Whitton

He thought he would get somewhere by showering me with jewelry.
And he did.
‘€”Mae West

Women want men, career, money, children, friends, luxury, comfort, independence, freedom, respect, love and cheap stockings that don’€™t run.
‘€”Phyllis Diller

When I go to a beauty parlor I always enter through the emergency exit.
‘€”Phyllis Diller

Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’€™ve got and fifty percent what people think you’€™ve got.
‘€”Sophia Loren

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