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Politically correct NFL team names

Politically correct NFL team names – Since some people are offended by the word ‘Redskins’ – let’s take this political correctness to its’ ultimate conclusion!

  • Washington Native Americans
  • New York Very Tall People
  • Dallas Western-Style Laborers
  • L.A. Uninvited Guests
  • Minnesota Plundering Norsemen
  • Green Bay Meat Industry Workers.
  • San Francisco Precious Metal Enthusiasts
  • New Orleans Pretty Good People
  • Phoenix Male Finches
  • Miami Pelagic Percoid Food Fishes
  • Denver Untamed Beasts of Burden
  • Cincinnati Large Bangladeshi Carnivorous Mammals
  • Tampa Bay West Indies Freebooters
  • Detroit Large Carnivorous Cats
  • Chicago Securities-Traders-in-a-Declining-Market
  • Indianapolis Young Male Horses
  • New England Zealous Lovers of Country
  • Atlanta Hovering Birds of Prey
  • Philadelphia Largely Non-Hovering Birds of Prey
  • Seattle Oceanic Birds of Prey
  • Tampa Bay Ocean-Going Unlawful Salvage Personnel
  • Houston Liquid Fossil Fuel Devotees
  • (or taking a different interpretation of oilers) Wheel Rotation Perpetuators
  • LA Male Horned Largely-Mountain Faring Ruminants
  • NY Air-Fed Inertial Reaction Propulsion Systems
  • Kansas-City Native American Leaders
  • Pittsburgh Ferrous Heavy Industry Personnel
  • Cleveland Subtle Mixtures of 66% Red and 33% Green
  • San Diego High Voltage Capacitor Technicians
  • Buffalo Men Named William, On Familiar Terms With Associates


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