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Funny movie quotes from Tricky Dicks

Funny movie quotes from Tricky Dicks (1953) starring the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp)

Funny movie quotes from ‘Tricky Dicks’ (1953) starring the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry and Shemp) in a very funny spoof of police shows

Sergeant Moe (Moe Howard biography): Detective Bureau, Sgt. Moe speakin’€™! [ pause ] Yes, Collins? [ pause ] You say you don’€™t know what to do about a woman being annoyed by a man with a wooden leg by the name of Smith?! [pause] Well, find out the name of his other leg! [hangs up phone] I have to do everything around here!

Larry Fine: You know my sister was engaged with a wooden-legged guy.

Sergeant Moe (Moe Howard biography): Yeah?

Larry: She broke it off.

Sergeant Moe (Moe Howard biography): The engagement?

Larry: No, the leg.

Shemp Howard: Where were you born?
Slick Chick: In bed.  I wanted to be near my mother.

[Repeated line]
Sergeant Moe: I have to do everything around here!

[Shemp is banging his head on the desk as part as his ‘€˜thinking’€™ method]
Shemp: I’€™ve got it!
Moe: What?
Shemp: A terrific headache.

Sergeant Moe: Quiet, everyone! Genius at work!

Larry: Are you guilty?
Chopper: I am the culprit of this heinous crime.
Moe: Not gonna talk, eh?

Chopper: I reiterate …
Moe: Not in here you don’€™t!

Larry: Hey babe, you forgot something!
[she slaps him in the face]
Larry: That’€™s what you forgot!

Moe: You say there’€™s a dead horse on Ticonderoga Street?  How do you spell Ticonderoga?  You don’€™t know either?  Well, drag him to Third Avenue.

Larry: That’€™s evidence!
Moe: Did you right it down?
Larry: (pockets full of pens) No, I couldn’t find a pencil.  (Moe hits him)
Moe: (to Shemp) Did you?
Shemp: No. (Moe hits him)
Shemp and Larry: Did you?
Moe: (slaps Shemp and Larry) No!

Shemp: Release that guy who stole eleven bottles of whiskey. I know he’€™s guilty, but the DA said we can’€™t make a case out of eleven bottles.

Shemp: (after hitting Moe with a baseball bat) Moe! I meant to hit the other monkey.

Three Stooges as police officers

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