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One-line Hillary Clinton jokes

One-line Hillary Clinton jokes

  • Who are cats going to vote for in November?
    Hillary Kitten.
  • Why is Hillary Clinton running for President?
    Because it’s easier than running from Law Enforcement.
  • Have you heard about the new app Hillary Clinton is working on? It’s called “Pokemon Go To The Polls”
  • If Hillary Clinton has a mandate to do anything, it’s to raise Donald Trump’s taxes
  • Why is Hillary getting ready for an 8 year term?
    Because her vision is 2020.
  • Did you see the Jim Carrey movie about the Benghazi Hearings?
    It’s called “Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire”.
  • What movie does Hillary watch when she’s in a bad mood?
    Kill Bill.
  • Why is Hillary now a F?
    Because she deleted the emale.
  • A recent study argues that beets, all purpose flour, and cheese may hinder one’s sex drive. This may explain why these are the only foods Hillary Clinton permit Bill eat.

One thought on “One-line Hillary Clinton jokes

  1. Steven Tinel says:

    Hillary Clinton does not, contrary to the accusations of many of her critics, lie every single day. Some days she’s asleep.

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