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Why is the little girl so blue?

Why is the little girl so blue? What deep-rooted psychological problem is causing the young girl to draw everything blue?

Patricia’s parents received a note from her second-grade teacher.

“Patricia is a wonderful student,” the note read, “but in art class, or when we have coloring projects, she draws everything dark blue. The grass is blue, the flowers, people, the sky, houses, cars, trees, etc. This is very unusual for a child of her age. Is there an explanation? If there is some sort of emotional problem, I would like to work with you to resolve it as quickly as possible.”

That night, Patricia’s concerned parents sat down with her, and asked her why everything she drew was dark blue. “Why is that such a special color to you?” her concerned mother and father asked.

“Well,” Patricia answered, “I didn’t want to tell you, but a few weeks ago I lost my crayons. The only one I have left is the dark blue one that I found in the bottom of my school bag.”

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