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Funny movie quotes from Africa Screams

Funny movie quotes from Africa Screams – where Bud Abbott and Lou Costello find themselves in Africa, stuck between criminals & animals!

Funny movie quotes from Africa Screams, starring Abbott and Costello

Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): I can’t understand why you have this terrible fear of animals in you. What is it?
Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): When I was a little baby I was scared by my piggy bank.
Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): That’s nonsense. [walks away]
Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): [Grabs Buzz] You wanna hear something worse?
Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): What?
Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): I was 15 years old before I ate my first animal cracker.

Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): That’s the kind of girl I dream about. But you should see the ones I get.

Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): [sees Harry with a glass of water] Where’re you going with the water?
Harry (Joe Besser): Oh my tent’s on fire!

Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): [while in Africa] So if I draw the map I can go home?
Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): What do you want to go home for?
Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): I forgot something.
Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): What did you forget?
Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): I forgot to stay there.

[first linesStanley Livington (Lou Costello): Stay right where you are. Don’t move, stay there now. Steady. Now sit up. Sit up. Sit up you. Up you fool. Up. Sit up I said. Sit up. Up.

Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): [to Diana] Allow me to introduce Stanley Livington, one of the world’s greatest wild game hunters.

Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): [to Stanley] Stanley’s a coward, Stanley’s a coward. Afraid of a little teeny weeny alligator like that.

Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): [to Stanley] I’m going to make a hero out of you whether you like it or not.

Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): [to Stanley] I’m going into the cage and you behave yourself. I can’t understand why he gets so scared.

Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): I’m not afraid of nothing . Not even you. I’m a pretty brave kid. I don’t care about kittens. I don’t care how big the kittens are.

Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): I thought that you were… Buzz, I’m paralysed.

Interpreter: [to Diana] The chief has a sweet tooth for the little fat man.

Diana Emerson (Hillary Brooke): Have you seen a short fat man and a tall thin man running through the jungle?
Frank Buck: No. I don’t want to either.
Diana Emerson (Hillary Brooke): Now I’ll never catch up to them!

Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): Now that I’m alone, what’s going to happen to me now?

Boots Wilson: [to Grappler] I’ll hit you harder than Louis ever did.

[last linesBuzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): Mr Livington, what about that raise I’ve been asking for?
Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): I’ll talk to my partner if he’s in.
Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott): Thank you, Sir.
Stanley Livington (Lou Costello): [sees that his partner, the gorilla, is in the office] He’s in.

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