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Human being talks to God about time and money

At little Geoffrey’s first Sunday school class, they talked about the absolute power of God. Geoffrey was having a hard time conceiving this, so he asked his mother about it.

“Mom,” he asked, “How old is God?” His mother replied, “To God, a million years is but a minute.” Geoffrey then asked, “Is God rich?” To which his mother answered, “To God, a million dollars is like a penny.” Unfortunately, Geoffrey still couldn’t understand the issue.

Then the following Sunday they told the story of the burning bush. Suddenly, Geoffrey was inspired. As soon as class let out he ran home, stood in front of the bush in his front yard and asked, “God, can I have one of your pennies?”

Suddenly a booming voice called out, “Sure Geoffrey, just wait a minute.”

submitted by David Cohen, a.k.a. Ducky the Clown

(Editor’s note: a very old joke — I first heard it on Jim Cole’s CD “An Evening in Cinicnatti” – also love the “Railroad Bill” song – hilariously funny)

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