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Funny movie quotes from Scram!

Funny movie quotes from Scram! A very funny Laurel and Hardy short film, where a judge gives Stan and Ollie and hour to leave town … only for them to accidentally sneak into his house!

Funny movie quotes from Scram! starring Laurel and Hardy

Judge (Richard Cramer): Are you guilty or not guilty?
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Not guilty, your highness.
Judge (Richard Cramer): On what grounds?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): We weren’t on the ground – we were sleeping on a park bench.

Judge (Richard Cramer): If the jail wasn’t full, I’d give you both 180 days, but since the jail is full, I’m going to give you just one hour.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Thank you, sir.
Judge (Richard Cramer): To get out of town! And never let me set eyes on you again! Case dismissed.
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Does that mean we can go back to sleeping on the park bench?

Judge (Richard Cramer): Scram! Or I’ll build a jail for you.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): What’s the matter, neighbor?
Drunk (Arthur Housman): I los’ the key to my car.
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Can you find it?
Drunk (Arthur Housman): No. Thas’ why I’m lookin’ …

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Is anybody home?
Drunk (Arthur Housman): Not a soul, only the wife.

Drunk (Arthur Housman): Isn’t this my house?
Butler: No, it is not!
Drunk (Arthur Housman): Maybe I’d better go, then.
Butler: Maybe you’d better!

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): See what a little kindness will do? If we hadn’t stopped to help him, we wouldn’t be in a spot like this!

Mrs. Beaumont (Vivien Oakland): Is my husband wet, too?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Wet? He’s soaked!

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