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Funny movie quotes from The Chimp

Funny movie quotes from The ChimpLaurel and Hardy,  short film, where Stan and Ollie try to smuggle the circus gorilla into their boarding house – co-starring James Finlayson and Billy Gilbert

Funny movie quotes from The Chimp, starring Laurel and Hardy

Title card: Mr. Laurel never got any further than the monkey cage.  Mr. Hardy’s aesthetic nature thrilled at the beauties of circus life.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): That settles it!  That’s the last time that I’m gonna be this end of the horse!
Stan (Stan Laurel): Well I can’t go in there.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Why?
Stan (Stan Laurel): Well you look better in that end than I do.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Do you mean to insinuate that I look like a horse’s … [interrupted]

Title Card: The night was dark – they usually are

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Well, I can’t sleep with the monkey!
Stan (Stan Laurel): Oh, she doesn’t mind. [to Ethel] You don’t mind sleeping with Ollie, do you?  [to Ollie] No, she doesn’t.

Stan (Stan Laurel): It might get cold and die of ammonia.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): He means pu-monia.
Billy Gilbert: I don’t care if you all die of pu-monia!

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Now why did you come running in there with the monkey?
Stan (Stan Laurel): I just saw MGM.

title card: 3 o’clock – if nothing happens, it will soon be 3:30

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