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Funny movie quotes from Three Broadway Girls

Funny movie quotes from Three Broadway Girls (1932) starring Joan Blondell, Madge Evans, Ina Claire

Three Broadway Girls – a comedy about a trio of money hungry women who all have sugar daddies who keep them in the lap of luxury, even as they drive the men crazy.

Jean Lawrence: A speakeasy that closes at two o’clock is practically a tea room!

Drunk: Waiter, I’m looking for a place to wash my hands.
The Waiter: There’s a room there marked ‘Gentlemen’; but, don’t let that stop you. You go right in.

Polaire: Do my eyes deceive me or is she really alone?
Schatzi: And without a man.
Polaire: I should think she’d be afraid of catching cold.

Schatzi: I think her stocks went down and there she was in Paris and didn’t know how to say ‘sell short’ in French.

Boris and Jean

Boris Feldman: You know what gives me more trouble than anything else in the world?
Jean Lawrence: Well, it might be your income tax man and it might be your waistline.

Boris Feldman: Caviar?
Jean Lawrence: Don’t speak of food while I’m drinking my dinner.

Boris Feldman: Not a piano player. A pianist, please.
Jean Lawrence: It’s the same thing to me.

Jean Lawrence: Oh, I’m hot. Oh, I wonder were my dress is? I did have a dress once. Pardon my appearance.
Boris Feldman: I find it hard to.
Jean Lawrence: Oh, this is the most wonderful couch in the world. Do you mind if I stay here?
Boris Feldman: Just what do you want?
Jean Lawrence: I want to take piano lessons.

What’s Pops to you?

Jean Lawrence: What’s Pops to you?
Polaire: Well, he’s my fiancé. Not that we’re engaged or anything like that.

Jean Lawrence: What’s Pops to you?
Polaire: Well, you wouldn’t expect a nice girl like me to leave a kind, old gentleman like Pops sitting alone at the Metropolitan Club without a friend to call his own.


Schatzi: It’s not bad, this, huh?
Polaire: I’ll tell you more about it in the morning.
Schatzi: What do you mean?
Polaire: You can tell an awful lot about the liquor you drink the night before by where you find your hat the next morning.

Jean Lawrence: Come on, everybody, let’s have a little drinkie!

Where’s my dress?

Jean Lawrence: Where’s my dress? Where’s my dress?
Schatzi: A dress, more or less, never bothered you before.

Dey Emery: Couldn’t they have fallen inside your dress?
Justin Emery: I think you better look.
Jean Lawrence: Do you? All right, I will.
Schatzi: Well, I’ll help you.
Jean Lawrence: No, thanks! No, I’ll search myself. Now, watch closely, Mr. Emery. See that I don’t pull any Houdini tricks.

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