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Funny movie quotes from The Case of the Lucky Legs

Funny movie quotes from The Case of the Lucky Legs (1935) starring William Warren, Genevieve Tobin, Patricia Ellis, Lyle Talbot, Allen Jenkins. The Case of the Lucky Legs is a 1935 mystery film, the third in a series of Perry Mason films starring Warren William as the famed lawyer — back when Perry Mason was funny!

Col. Bradbury: [after finding Perry passed out on his office floor] Is this the office of the eminent attorney Perry Mason or an insane asylum?
Della Street: Sometimes I wonder.

Detective Johnson: Who was that on the phone?
Della Street: Well, it was the garbage man. I told him to bring up enough for four.

Margie: Did you get anything out of Patton?
Perry Mason: No, only a knife.

Thelma Bell: And somebody bumped against the bathroom door.
Perry Mason: In any country but this, they would have let him in.

Perry Mason: Margie was at Patton’s apartment, and when I came in, she was taking a bath.
Thelma Bell: What’s wrong with that? Don’t lawyers take baths?
Perry Mason: Very few. I like them, but uh, the police wouldn’t. They’d say that Margie was washing off bloodstains.

Perry Mason: [after exiting his chartered plane a little airsick] What’s his name and where’d he go?
Airline Official: His name was Roberts. I dropped him at a bus for the Lakeview Hotel.
Perry Mason: They haven’t got a lake here, have they?
Airline Official: No, but the hotel has beds for you to lie down on.
Perry Mason: That’s a very clever remark. Take me to a taxi, please.

Policeman at Ambulance: [Seeing Mason rolling a woman on a gurney] Have an accident?
Perry Mason: No, thank you.

Perry Mason: [Ridiculing Doray when he finds him alone in his hotel room] All alone in the bridal suite? [He guffaws] You must love yourself.

District Attorney Manchester: Why your men always arrive just after Mason?
Bisonette: Well, I suppose because before they decide to commit a murder, they hire Perry Mason to defend them.

Perry Mason: [after the doctor has just put him on a strict diet] Are there any other liquids?
Della Street: Milk.
Perry Mason: Milk? You mean that unpalatable by-product of the cow?

Dr. Croker: No excitement whatsoever, and no stimulants.
Perry Mason: Did you get that, Miss Street? No stimulants and no excitement. I’ll have to get rid of you.
Della Street: Thank you, you flatterer.

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