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Funny movie quotes from The Boogie Man Will Get You

In The Boogie Man Will Get You, mad scientist Boris Karloff sells his colonial house to Winnie, frustrating banker Peter Lorre. But he’s been experimenting on traveling salesmen — whose corpses are in the basement! Then Winnie’s ex-husband shows up …

Dr. Lorenz(Peter Lorre): And if you ever need anything, like medical attention, or fire insurance, or a marriage performed, or a loan, perhaps? I should be delighted to oblige.
Winnie Slade: Doesn’t anybody else do anything in Jinxville?
Dr. Lorenz: Oh, they… they vote once a year.

Bill Leyden: They murdered him! Just like they murdered the other one!
Prof. Nathaniel Billings (Boris Karloff): Please! Please! The word is, “martyrized.”

Winnie Slade: [Referring to Professor Billings] Isn’t he a dear?
Amelia Jones: Even when he was a baby, he never cried – not even when we dropped him.

Dr. Lorenz: [Referring to Bill Leyden] … if the army didn’t need him, I would have commmitted him to the squirrel pen at Idlewild Sanitarium, so help me!

Dr. Lorenz: [Signing the mortgage] “Contractum sanctum putnam,” which means done and dished up!

Maxie, the Powder Puff Salesman: Am I unconscious yet?

Prof. Nathaniel Billings: Amelia! This riffraff, as you call him, is really the salt of the earth! All he needs is to be iodized.

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