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Funny movie quotes from Tales of Terror

Funny movie quotes from Tales of Terror starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre

Oddly, the horror trilogy Tales of Terror has a fair amount of humor in it’s middle segment, The Black Cat. Where Peter Lorre’s character is an abusive drunk … who plans to murder Vincent Price’s character for cheating with his wife!

Montresor Herringbone (Peter Lorre): Why don’t you watch where I’m going, huh?

Montresor Herringbone (Peter Lorre): Pardon me, ladies, but could you spare a coin for a moral cripple?

Montresor Herringbone (Peter Lorre): Give me my money!

Annabel Herringbone (Joyce Jameson): There is no money, Montresor. You haven’t worked in seventeen years.

Fortunato (Vincent Price): [at a wine tasting competition] I must say, you seem to know your wines, sir.

Montresor Herringbone (Peter Lorre): [an alcoholic] I should!

Fortunato (Vincent Price): [as the cat that Montresor detests jumps into his lap] My, what a lovely cat!

Montresor Herringbone (Peter Lorre): What kind of man are you, anyway? Make love to my wife and doesn’t even talk to me!

Montresor Herringbone (Peter Lorre): Haven’t I convinced you of my sincerity yet? I’m genuinely dedicated to your destruction.

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