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Funny movie quotes from I Can Hardly Wait

Funny movie quotes from I Can Hardly Wait – a Three Stooges short film where they break Curly’s tooth — and then try to pull it!

Moe: Clean this ham!
Curly: I’ll clean it when I’m ready!
Moe: [threateningly] Are you ready?
Curly: Yeah, I’m ready…

Curly: Wait a minute, wait a minute! You said you were gonna divide everything up equally!
Moe: Oh, ungrateful, eh?
Curly: Yeah!
Moe: We get a half a slice of ham and a half an egg apiece. You get a whole bone and a whole eggshell, and you’re squawkin’!
Curly: I’m sorry, fellas… gee, you guys are swell to me.

Curly: [noticing the door knob hanging off his tooth] Oh! [picks it up] Look at that tooth! It’s a whoppah! And look at that root! You know if I belonged to the Elks, I’d wear this on my watch-chain… if I had a watch-chain.
Moe: You pumpkin head! That’s not your tooth, that’s the door knob!
Curly: Oh… no wonder my tooth still hurts … [clutches his tooth in pain] Ooh, my tooth!

Curly: Oh my tooth, it feels like there’s gremlins grembling in it!

Curly: [Curly has pieces of plaster falling out of his mouth after trying to jerk his tooth out] Hey fellas, ya got it! [laughs, pulls out another piece] You got another one… you got em all! You got me bald headed in the mouth! Why you! [swings at Moe and Larry]

Patient: What did you do before you became a dentist?
Dr. Y. Tug: Why… uh… I-I was a butcher.
Curly: [with his hat flying up in shock] Nyaah-aaah-aaaah! [grabs his hat and pulls it back down]
Patient: As far as I’m concerned, you’re still one!

Curly: Oh, my poor tooth. Fix it.
Moe: [to Larry] Go get my fishing line.
Curly: Is this gonna hoit?
Moe: Of course not. I won’t even feel it.

Larry: [after a failed attempt to pull Curly’s tooth] This is not gonna work.
Moe: I got a better idea. I’ve got it!
Curly: Every time you got it, I get it.

Larry: [to Curly; who’s blubbering over his toothache and walking around on the top bunk, keeping him and Moe awake] BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEP!
Curly: How can I go to sleep with this tooth killing me?
Moe: [wearily] All right, come on down and we’ll fix it.

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