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Funny movie quotes from King Kong vs Godzilla

Funny movie quotes from King Kong vs Godzilla – quotes from the enjoyably cheesy monster movie, where two men in rubber suits slug it out

Furue: My corns always hurt when they’re near a monster.

Osamu Sakurai: When you and the monster meet, be sure you tell him all about your corn problems.

Mr.Tako: King Kong can’t make a monkey out of us!

Mr.Tako: You two are going to Faro! Find me a genuine monster, if he exists or not!

[King Kong has just encountered Godzilla]
Osamu Sakurai: Oh, I’ll bet Kong has no chance.
Mr. Tako: I’ll toss you… Heads for King Kong.
[he flips the coin]
Mr. Tako: Tails…

Furue: What’s happening?
Osamu Sakurai: Giant octopus. Hurry.

Osamu Sakurai: [King Kong is breaking free] There’s no time to argue! Destroy him!
Mr.Tako: What? King Kong is my responsibility, and you have no right to destroy him!
Furue: You dumbbell!
Mr.Tako: Dumbbell?
Furue: King Kong could kill us all! You wouldn’t care! Publicity’s all you want! Publicity!

Osamu Sakurai: [Japanese version] The storm will awaken Kong’s inner strength. You’ll see.
Kazuo Fujita: Like spinach does for Popeye?
Osamu Sakurai: Exactly.

[Japanese version]
Mr.Tako: We scored a full-page display in the newspapers. Why don’t we take a photo of him smiling to put in our ads?
Osamu Sakurai: Do you think King Kong smiles?
Mr.Tako: We get him to smile.


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