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Funny movie quotes from How High is Up?

Funny movie quotes from How High is Up? (1940) starring the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard)

Moe Howard: Hey, chucklehead! Did you get the tools?
Larry Fine: What tools?
Moe Howard: The tools we’ve been using for the last ten years!
Larry Fine: Oh, those tools!

Moe Howard: What’s the matter, little man?
Curly Howard: I can’t get outta my sweater!
Moe Howard: How’d you get into it?
Curly Howard: I didn’t have any trouble; but since then I might have put on a little weight.
Moe Howard: You might have!

Moe Howard: Give me a hand!
Larry Fine: Which one?

Larry Fine: Looks like a V-8!
Moe Howard: You ever hear of a V-5
Larry Fine: What’s that, a new car?
Moe Howard: No, an old sock! [slaps Larry]

Curly Howard: Ooh! A bonanza!
Moe Howard: Stop thinking of food and get to work!

Larry Fine: What’s the matter?
Curly Howard: I can’t stand heights!
Moe Howard: Why, was your mother frightened by something?
Curly Howard: Yeah, by me!

Moe: [sarcastically] Three of the best riveters who ever riveted. Why didn’t you tell them you were a groundhog?
Curly: Listen, you laugh when you say that!
Moe: HA, HA, HA. [slaps Curly]

Moe Howard: Let’s get to work.
Curly Howard: I can’t! Every time I look down, I get dizzy!
Larry Fine: Don’t look down.
Curly Howard: I can’t help it! I belong down there!

Curly Howard: Hey fellas! How far is this first step?
Moe Howard: Only 97 stories.

Curly Howard: Did you see where I almost went?
Moe Howard: I know where you ought to go!

Curly Howard: Wait a minute! Do I look like a rivet?
Moe Howard: [threatening] How do you feel?
Curly Howard: Like a rivet.

How High is Up? from Patrick J Mele on Vimeo.

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