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Funny movie quotes from Fuelin’ Around

Funny movie quotes from Fuelin’ Around, starring the Three Stooges (1949)

[Moe extends a tape measure across the room, with Shemp holding the other end.]
Moe Howard: How many feet you got?
Shemp Howard: [counts both his feet] Two!

Larry Fine: What a joint!  It reminds me of reform school.

[The General leaves the Anemia soldiers’ fortress.]
Moe Howard: This ain’t no reform school, it’s a theater!
Larry Fine: How do you know?
Moe Howard: [motions to the general] There goes the door man!

Larry Fine: Say, I beg your pardon, do you have any idea what we’re doin’?
Moe Howard: Now that you mention it, no.

Moe Howard: If they find out we’re only carpet layers, they’ll go back and grab the real Professor Sneed, and not only that, they’ll shoot us! So we gotta fool ’em, savvy?
Larry Fine: You’re right; it is our duty to posterior!

Moe Howard: Top of the morning to you, Captain!
Shemp Howard: And the rest of the day to myself!

Larry Fine: Say, did I give you carbolic acid? [aside] I’d love to!

[Professor Sneed’s daughter starts knocking on the dungeon ceiling/laboratory floor, getting the boys’ attention.]
Shemp Howard: [listening in] It’s a message!
Moe Howard: Yes?
Shemp Howard: In code!
Moe Howard: Yes yes? What does it say?
Shemp Howard: Knock-knock, knock-knock, knock-knock-‘
[Moe starts knocking Shemp’s head in that same succession.]
Moe Howard: You left one out. [bonk]

Moe Howard: (talking about Larry) You know, he’s the most intelligent imbecile I ever saw.
Shemp Howard: Hey, how about me?
Moe Howard: Oh, you’re much smarter.  You’re just an imbecile

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