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Funny movie quotes from Whistling in the Dark

Funny movie quotes from Whistling in the Dark starring Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford, Rags Ragland, Eve Arden – a very funny crime mystery

€˜Buzz” Baker (Eve Arden): Help yourself to some of your father’s product.
€˜Fran” Post (Virginia Grey)
: Not me. That’s what killed mama.

€˜Noose” Green (Don Costello): He’s smart, boss. I listen to him every night.
Joseph Jones (Conrad Veidt): Doesn’t seem to have done you much good.

€˜Buzz Baker (Eve Arden): Well, I feel like a new woman. In fact, I feel like a new man. Bring me a telephone book.

[Buzz and Fran enter a night club]
Waiter: How many?
€˜Buzz” Baker (Eve Arden): Three.
Waiter: You said three?
€˜Buzz” Baker (Eve Arden): I hope we’re being followed.
Waiter: One gentleman for two ladies?
€˜Buzz” Baker (Eve Arden): Oh, it’s all right. I’m just going to watch.

[to an over-sized housekeeper]
Wally €˜The Fox” Benton (Red Skelton): Aren’t you wrestling somewhere tonight?

[trying to warn Harvey his toothpaste has been poisoned]
Wally €˜The Fox” Benton (Red Skelton): Do Not €… Brush €… Your Teeth!
Harvey Upshaw: Don’t worry, I won’t even take them out of my mouth.

Wally €˜The Fox” Benton (Red Skelton): Don’t worry about me – Because that’s what I’m doing.

Wally €˜The Fox” Benton (Red Skelton): I’ve got cold spines running up and down my chills.

€˜Fran” Post (Virginia Grey): What are you? A man or a mouse?
Wally €˜The Fox” Benton (Red Skelton): I’m a man. But tell me if you see a cat coming.

Carol Lambert (Ann Rutherford): Wally, this is no time to crack wise.
Wally €˜The Fox” Benton (Red Skelton): If I don’t crack wise I’ll crack up.

Herman: My son’s Herman too. He’s learning the business.
€˜Fran” Post (Virginia Grey): Following in his father’s fingerprints?

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