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Funny movie quotes from Flying Down to Rio

Funny movie quotes from Flying Down to Rio (1933) starring Delores del Rio, Gene Raymond, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers – the first on-screen pairing of Astaire and Rogers, where they stole the show!

Fred Ayres (Fred Astaire): Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is really good news. Rog has outdone himself.
Honey Hale (Ginger Rogers): I’ll bet he’s broken both legs running after two women at the same time.

Fred Ayres (Fred Astaire): Nothing of the kind. He’s landed us a job in Rio. Rio de Janeiro. The Hotel Atlantico. We’ll be flying down any morning now.
Honey Hale (Ginger Rogers): And swimming back in the afternoon. I’m taking my water-wings.

Honey Hale (Ginger Rogers): It’s like looking for a noodle in a haystack.

Fred Ayres (Fred Astaire): The trick is to keep your mind a blank.
Honey Hale (Ginger Rogers): With THAT music?
Honey Hale (Ginger Rogers): Oh, Freddie, is my mind red!

Editorial review of Flying down to Rio courtesy of Amazon.com

Carefree When a marriage-shy girl falls in love with her psychoanalyst, the result is one of the wittiest, most enjoyable of all the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers classics! Add great dance numbers, Rogers’ deft comic timing, and a score by the legendary Irving Berlin, and you have a true film treasure. The story revolves around the fickle Amanda Cooper (Rogers) who has postponed her wedding so often that her fiance (Ralph Bellamy) sends her best friend Tony Flagg (Astaire), a psychoanalyst, to treat her. In spite of hypnosis and assorted other wacky attempts at remedies, Amanda falls in love with Tony, and the rest is musical-comedy history. The dance numbers, choreographed by Astaire and Hermes Pan, a dazzling beyond belief particularly Astaire’s astonishing golf-routine!

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