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Funny movie quotes from Comin’ Round the Mountain

Funny movie quotes from Abbott and Costello’s Comin’ Round the Mountain (1951) – a very funny comedy, where they get into the middle of a mountain feud!

[after walking into an old beat-down cabin]
Wilbert (Lou Costello): How could my kin folks ever live in a joint like this?
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): Probably your forefathers lived here.
Wilbert (Lou Costello): I beg your pardon?
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): I said probably your forefathers lived here before you.
Wilbert (Lou Costello): My four fathers?
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): Yes.
Wilbert (Lou Costello): I didn’t have four fathers.
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): Sure, you did.
Wilbert (Lou Costello): If I did, only one came home nights.

Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): What’s going on out there?
Wilbert (Lou Costello): My in-laws are acting like outlaws.

[after seeing a goat]
Wilbert (Lou Costello): Funny-looking dog.

Voodoo Duel

Wilbert (Lou Costello): What’s she doing?
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): She’s making Voodoo
Wilbert (Lou Costello): I do?
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): Voodoo!
Wilbert (Lou Costello): I do what?

[As the witch jabs Lou’s doll in the backside with a needle]
Wilbert (Lou Costello): AHHH!
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): That’s all in your mind!
Wilbert (Lou Costello): You gotta lousy sense of direction!

[Lou ends the voodoo duel  by making a doll of the witch and Lou and the witch  “needle”  each other for a while. Finally they call truce, and …]
Wilbert (Lou Costello): [to Al]  Pay her.
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): I’ll pay her when I’m ready! [he sees her making a doll of … Al!]
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): I’m ready!

Shooting contest

Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): Now listen your next turn at the Turkey Shoot and we gotta beat those Winfield’s.
Wilbert (Lou Costello): You know I don’t know how to shoot a gun.|
Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): Didn’t you learn how to shoot in the Army?
Wilbert (Lou Costello): I was in the Cavalry. What kind of bullets come out of a pitchfork?

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