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Funny movie quotes from Another Thin Man

Funny movie quotes from Another Thin Man (1939) starring William Powell, Myrna Loy

Funny movie quotes from Another Thin Man – a very funny entry in the Thin Man series, with William Powell and Myrna Loy — enjoy!

Nora Charles: I got rid of all those reporters.
Nick Charles: What did you tell them?
Nora Charles: I told them we were out of scotch.
Nick Charles: What a gruesome thought!

Barney – MacFay’s Bodyguard: What’s the idea of the kid?
Nick Charles: Well, we have a dog, and he was lonesome. That was the idea, wasn’t it, Mummy?

Nick teases Nora

Nick and Nora Charles (William Powell and Myrna Loy) in Another Thin Man
Nick and Nora Charles (William Powell and Myrna Loy) in Another Thin Man

Nora Charles: [Reading phone messages] Here’s another one of those “Call Long Island Operator #15.” Don’t you think you ought to call her?
Nick Charles: Certainly not; she knows better than that! I told her I was bringing the wife along this time.
Nora Charles: I don’t know why I always take it for granted that you’re kidding.

Nora Charles: How did you know I was here?
Nick Charles: I saw a great group of men standing around a table. I knew there was only one woman in the world who could attract men like that – a woman with a lot of money.

Nick Charles: [Nick finds Nora at a table surrounded by a crowd of suitors] Now Mommy, you know better than to come to place like this, your first day out of bed. What if the health officers find out? They’ll put you right back in quarantine. 
Nora Charles: I won’t stay in quarantine! I don’t care who catches it. [the suitors quickly leave]

Nick Charles: You know, she wouldn’t be a bad looker if she took her specs off.
Nora Charles: I’ll speak to her.
Nick Charles: Oh, don’t get her hopes up.

Nora teases Nick

Nora Charles: [Talking on the phone] Oh, we had a lovely trip. Nick was sober in Kansas City.
Nick Charles: [Talking to a stuffed Panda bear] That’s a very bitter woman.

Nick Charles [to their waiter]: Two Bacardis.
Nora Charles: The same.

Nick Charles: Madame, how long have you been leading this double life?
Nora Charles: Just since we’ve been married. 

Nick Charles: I’d like to go in there by myself.
Nora Charles: You go everywhere alone. I’d like to have some fun too! 

Nora Charles: Give me fourteen dollars and seventy-five cents.
Nick Charles: Fourteen dollars and seventy-five cents? What for?
Nora Charles: Men.
Nick Charles: Another one?

Nick Charles: You didn’t have any money until I showed up.
Nora Charles: I was doing all right. I’d have gotten it.


Detective: What were you shooting at him for?
Nick Charles: I wasn’t shooting at him. He was shooting at me. Why were you shooting at him?
Detective: Well, everybody else was. 

Policeman with flashlight: We’re going to have to shoot that mutt. We’ll never find him like this. 
Nick Charles: Wait a minute. He’s not going to come running up to a lot of strange men with lights. What do you think he is? A moth? 

State Trooper: Listen, we’re not dishin’ the dirt on your husband for the fun of it. We’re trying to show you what you’re up against. It ain’t in the books that a man that’s had that many numbers would settle down to one.
Nora Charles: Was he really like that?
State Trooper: Was he? Oh baby.
Nora Charles: I always thought he was bragging.

Lieutenant Guild: Well, how are you, Mr. Charles? Say, things sure pop when you’re in town, don’t they?

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