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Funny movie quotes from A Slight Case of Murder

Funny movie quotes from A Slight Case of Murder – a very funny comedy, starring Edward G. Robinson, about a bootlegger who tries to go legit after the end of Prohibition – but nobody wants his lousy-tasting beer,…

Nora Marco: Why isn’t he in B-E-D?

Douglas Fairbanks Rosenbloom: Because I want more to E-A-T, you old C-O-W.

Remy Marco: Hey, what’s this? “Dear Boss, We’ve taken a half hour off. Mike.” You know, I’m getting a little discouraged about Mike.

Nora Marco: You ought to. After all you’ve done for him and give him.

Remy Marco: Oh no, it ain’t that. It’s just that I can’t learn him how to spell. Look at the way he spells ‘token’, with two o’s.

Remy Marco: Sure, I’m legit. I’m in favor of law and order. But you don’t have to have it right in your own house, do you?

Remy Marco: But first I want you to meet some of the folks and have a little fun, you know. They’re old friends of mine… great people!

Mr. Whitewood: I’ve met some of them already.

Remy Marco: Yeah?

Mr. Whitewood: Some rather whimsical ones.

Remy Marco: Who? Oh… , the only one who sings here is the singer. Never studied a note in his life.

Mr. Whitewood: Yes, I can hear that.

Remy Marco: Come on in, honey, into the music room.

Nora Marco: Music room? Up to now this has always been the slot machine room.

Remy Marco: Well, that’s all going to be changing now. We got to start putting on plenty of class. Oh, and by the way, have Mike take the spittoons out of the living room.

Nora Marco: It’s that grab bag of yours again, Remy.

Remy Marco: Say he hadn’t walked around in his bare feet.

Nora Marco: I think we should go up and slip him a Mickey Finn.

Remy Marco: Uh, uh. He’s liable to create a taste for them. Marco will talk to him. You go up the front stairs and I’ll go up the back.

Lefty: [Helping carry out four dead bodies] That’s just the kind of a dirty trick those guys would pull, leaving themselves in that kind of shape around your house.

Remy Marco: Yeah, you know, that Little Dutch never had no consideration for other people’s feelings.

Remy Marco: Now you heard me, stick here. Now, you’re getting spoiled. Always thinking of your own pleasure. Come on, boys.

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