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Funny movie quotes from 3 Ring Circus

Funny movie quotes from 3 Ring Circus, starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Joanne Dru

Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): Why don’t you come to the circus with me, Pete. You can get a job there too.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Tell you the truth, I was thinkin’ about buyin’ the Philadelphia Athletics. But, heads I go with ya, tails I go with ya.

Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Hey, that’s mess call.
Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): You mean like in the Army?
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): I hope not.

Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): What do you do Mr. Nelson?
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Oh, I’m a pretty good machine gunner and I sing a little.
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): Then you must have seen my ad for a singing machine gunner?

Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): Well, it may take time but we’ll find out what you do best.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): I know what I do best.

Meeting Saadia

Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): She’s really something, huh?
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): The original Queen Bee.
Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): Oh, no likey?
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): I didn’t say that.
Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): You didn’t have to.

Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Hello!
Saadia (Zsa Zsa Gabor) : Hello.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): I don’t know who you are but I’m with you. Anything I can do for you?

Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): Well, I see you have a big job, soldier.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): My names Pete, boss lady.

Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): Remember, my friend, when the Queen Bee calls, you better hum.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Sounds like a very interesting assignment.
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): I thought you’d like it.

Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): You better keep your machine gun handy, soldier.

Saadia (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and Pete (Dean Martin) in 3 Ring Circus

Saadia and Pete

[to Pete, Saadia’s new plaything] Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): Saadia’s looking for you. I’m afraid you’re neglecting your work.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin) Don’t worry, doll. Oh, excuse me, Miss Doll. I’ll cool her off.

Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): What’s this Pete – Saadia? What’s that all about?
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): Your friend has a new job. He’s Saadia’s assistant.
Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): Oh! That’s good. – Well, Pete doesn’t know anything about trapezes?
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): He doesn’t?
Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): No! The only thing he knows – the only thing he knows about – the thing he does best is…
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): He certainly does.

Saadia (Zsa Zsa Gabor): Voila!
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): It’s fair.
Saadia (Zsa Zsa Gabor): Fair? My cape! Saadia, the world’s greatest trapeze artist, and you say: fair.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Well, let’s not flip your Hungarian lid, honey.

Saadia (Zsa Zsa Gabor): Peter, in my country there are no barriers. Ven a voman vants somethin’, she takes it.
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Well, what do you got in mind, I hope? [kiss] I like your country.

Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): [about Saadia on the high wire] Isn’t she sensational. Isn’t she beautiful. Look at those neck muscles!

Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): A guy could make a bundle with her.
Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): What do you mean?
Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Well, let’s face it, kid, if you own the bat and ball, you’re the captain.

Saadia (Zsa Zsa Gabor): Whatever he wants, I want.


Saadia (Zsa Zsa Gabor): I’m surprised you still celebrate your birthday.
Jill Brent (Joanne Dru): Oh, I don’t. My friends are celebrating. Maybe if you had some friends, they could celebrate yours.

Pete Nelson (Dean Martin): Saadia … drive carefully.

Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): I’m leavin’, Pete, and I ain’t comin’ back. You ain’t nice anymore.

Jerry Hotchkiss (Jerry Lewis): It’s better now that you’re here.

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