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Funny movie quotes about accidents

Funny movie quotes about accidents – enjoy!

Eddie Cantor

Eddie Cantor - Funny movie quotes about accidents

Eddie Cantor denies that to his doctor that he’s ever been in an accident. Including the time that a bull knocked him over a fence!

Doctor: “Don’t you call that an accident?”

Eddie Cantor: “No, the darn bull did it on purpose!”

source: Insurance (1930)

W. C. Fields

W. C. Fields in 1938, on CBS radio

A pretty young lady bends over to show dentist W. C. Fields where a small dog has bitten her on the ankle.

W. C. Fields: “You’re rather fortunate it wasn’t a Newfoundland.”

The Dentist (1932)

W. C. Fields drives his family’s car onto a millionaire’s estate, running into a statue of the Venus de Milo, ruining it.

W. C. Fields: “She walked right in front of the car.”

It’s a Gift (1934)

W. C. Fields, directing actors from back stage, falls off a platform.

Betty McGonagle (Judith Allen): [his daughter] Are you hurt?

The Great McGonagle (W. C. Fields): I had the presence of mind to fall on my head.

The Old-Fashioned Way (1934)

The Three Stooges

Funny movie quotes from A Plumbing We Will Go starring the Three Stooges

[Curly falls down a staircase, leading to a cellar]

Larry: Did you find anything?

Curly: Yeah, I found the first step that everyone tells you to watch out for.

Larry: Well, don’t lose it.

Cash and Carry (1937)

Zero Mostel

Zero Mostel

When a nightclub waiter accidentally dumps a large salad on wealthy Douglas Dumbrille, Zero Mostel picks some of the salad off his suit and says: “You certainly dress well.”

Du Barry was a Lady (1943)

Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel pours white paint on an expensive painting, ruining it. The owner cries out, “My Vandyke! Do you realize you’ve ruined my beautiful picture, ‘The Height of Spring’? What am I going to do?”

Stan Laurel replies, “You can call it, ‘The Depth of Winter’.”

The Big Noise (1944)

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