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Doctor, Doctor!

Doctor, Doctor! – a series of one-liner puns with your doctor

Patient: Doctor, Doctor! I only have 59 seconds to live!

Doctor: Just a minute.

Patient: Doctor, Doctor! I feel like a burglar!

Doctor: Have you taken anything for it?

Patient: Doctor, Doctor! I’m seeing double!

Doctor: One at a time, please.

Patient: Doctor, Doctor! I swallowed a bone!

Doctor: Are you choking?

Patient: No, I’m serious!

Patient: Doctor, Doctor I think I’m suffering from Deja Vu!

Doctor: Didn’t I see you yesterday?

Patient: Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a bell!

Doctor: Take these and if it doesn’t help give me a ring!

Nurse: Doctor, there is an invisible man in the waiting room

Doctor: Tell him that I can’t see him

Patient: Doctor, Doctor! I need your help; I can never remember what i just said

Doctor: When did u first notice this problem?

Patient: Notice what problem?

Patient: Doctor, I’m here for my heart

Doctor: Sorry, I don’t have it.

Mother: Doctor,Doctor! My son thinks that he’s a smoke detector!

Doctor: There’s no cause for alarm.

Patient: Doctor,Doctor! I keep thinking that I’m a $10 bill

Doctor: Go shopping; the change will do you good.

Patient: Doctor, Doctor! I think I need glasses!

Waiter: You certainly do, sir — this is a restaurant.

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