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daffy dictionary definitions

Daffy dictionary definitions – a collection of definitions that you’ll never find in your official dictionary – enjoy!

Accountant: A man hired to explain that you didn’t make the money that you did.

Bacteria: The rear portion of a cafeteria

Bigamy: Large pygmy

Butterfly: Throwing of dairy products

Decaffeinated: A cow that just gave birth.

Diplomacy, n. The patriotic art of lying for one’s country.

Fungi: A comedian; the life of the party

Parasites: What you see from the Eiffel Tower.

Polygon: Dead parrot

Quadrillion: Dance requiring four million participants

Santa’s Helpers: subordinate clauses

University Faculty: 500 egotists with a common parking problem.

Will: A dead giveaway.

Wino: The opposite of “Why yes”

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