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Buying a Barbie Doll?

Buying a Barbie Doll? Why is the gentleman, who has no children, nieces or nephews, in line to buy a Barbie doll? An atrocious pun for the punch line!

This weekend while shopping in a local toy store, I came across a long line of people waiting for a promised shipment of dolls from Mattel. As I scanned the line, I noticed a friend waiting with all the others. I knew my friend had no daughters or young relatives, so I figured he must like the dolls himself.

“€œBill,”€ I said going up to him, “€œI didn’€™t know you were a collector!”€

“€œI’€™m not,”€ he replied.

“€œOh,”€ I said, “€œYou’€™re buying a gift, then.”€

“€œNo, not at all,”€ my friend responded.

“€œIf you don’€™t mind my asking then Bill,”€ I said, “€œWhy are you standing in this line?”€

“€œOh that,”€ he answered. “€œIt’€™s like this,”€ my friend stated, . . .”I’€™ve never been able to resist a barbie queue!”€

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