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Biden Administration Dictionary

Biden Administration Dictionary – to help the American people keep up with the deluge of redefinitions, courtesy of the #bidenadministration, here’s the current list. Updated as needed.


Also known as “defund the police” and “reallocate resources”. Since police incarcerate potential Democrat Party voters, this must stop. Some steps already taken are releasing violent felons with no bail on their own recognizance, and turning violent criminals into martyrs, if killed while committing a crime. Soros-backed District Attorneys refusing to prosecute criminals are a step forward in this. And jailing victims of violent crime, for daring to defend themselves, in the next obvious step.

Domestic Terrorist

Anyone who disagrees with Marxism, Socialism, or the Democrat Party. Parents at school boards who dare to speak out against Critical Race Theory (CRT) are this. If intimidation doesn’t silence them, the next step is harassing them at home. Also, trying to get them fired from their Capitalist employment. Physical intimidation is also justified, according to the Democrat Party.


A clump of cells. Despite having human DNA, it is not considered human. Despite having different DNA from the mother (see: birthing person), it’s not a different individual, but merely a cancer-like growth inside the birthing person.


Valued public school teacher. Any attempt by these people to indoctrinate young children into abnormal sexual activities or identities is applauded. Any attempt to prevent this is condemned by the Democrat Party Media. See: Don’t Say Gay.


When a Democrat is removed from blocking a road, they hold their hands behind their back, pretending that their hands are cuffed behind their back. This way, the Democrat is free to do a “power fist” for the media. See AOC.


Breakfast tacos. See ‘Latinx’

Illegal Alien

An insulting term for a potential Democrat Party voter. An “alien” is someone from another country. An alien who enters the U.S.A. illegally is not an illegal alien. They are “undocumented immigrants”. Should one of them engage in criminal activity, they are not to be deported. Crimes include rape, homicide, murder, dealing illegal drugs, etc.


When Antifa and BLM burn down cities, including Federal buildings, this is not an insurrection. Neither is their committing over $2,000,000,000 of property damage, theft, assault, or 25 (known) murders. Instead, when unarmed protesters enter the U.S. Capital to protest against what they perceived to be a stolen election, that is an insurrection. These vile people, who insist on freedom of speech, are imprisoned. For over 12 months. Some who simply protested outside and never entered the Capital are also insurrectionists, for protesting peacefully and disbanding.


Birthing person.


Healthcare. Specifically, the terminating of an unborn child’s life. See: fetus.


A virus that definitely infects everyone equally, regardless the infected person’s sexual orientation. See homophobe. Also, the next great worldwide pandemic, that has only killed 5 people worldwide so far.

Voter Suppression

Not permitting Democrats to print the necessary ballots to “win” an election. Attempts to prove voter fraud is also “voter suppression”. When a Democrat threatens to murder a Supreme Court justice to prevent him from voting against abortion — that is not Voter Suppression.


Now known as “inverted growth” or “recovery”. It used to be defined as “two quarters of negative growth”, according to Joe Biden’s economic advisor in 2008. But no more! There presently is no definition of Recession, since it would impact negatively on Joe Biden’s performance.


Any facts, data, or evidence that would impede the Democrat Party’s march into Socialism is to be branded “Misinformation”. It is irrelevant if the facts, data, or evidence are accurate. See: 2+2=5


Formerly, a medical treatment, typically, by injection, that would prevent someone from catching a disease, or spreading it. Since the Covid-19 vaccines do neither, the definition of “vaccine” had to be changed.


It used to be known as a human female, or a Homo sapiens with an XX chromosome. No more! Per the current Democrat Party dictates, there is no definition. Males with penises, who self-identify as a woman, are a woman. Even a biological male prison inmate who impregnates two biologically female prison inmates (source: NJ.com) is still a female, if he/she/they/it/whatever choose to be.

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